сряда, 9 май 2012 г.

Introductory post

 Hey everyone , this is my new blog. Blogging isn't much popular here , in Bulgaria , so probably everybody is wondering why am I making a blog . Let me elucidate:

Why am I making a blog?

  Firstly , I got accepted in the American University of Bulgaria (AUBG) . As the name suggests , the university demands its students to have an university-level knowledge in English. Therefore It'd be very beneficial for me if I start working on my writing from now.

  Secondly , I haven't written anything substantial in English for a long , long time. Last time I blogged and/or actively participated in an english-speaking community was 2 years ago. I feel  that I performed a lot better back then. It's like being an ex-professional footballer who hasn't played football in years and does silly attempts to make a comeback.

   Thirdly , I'm eager to write articles/opinions on some topics I've been thinking about recently.

 So , after clearing that out , you might be wondering what am I going to write about , right?

 Which topics am I going to cover?

 I'm going to write about everything that interests me - street fitness , graphic design , video editing , school , relationships , media and whatnot. Who knows , you might find something helpful or insipiring in my writings? Or you just might have a penchant for prying into other people's lives?  Whoever you are , don't take anything written on this blog seriously. It's just me  sharing my thoughts with the world. If you feel offended , simply stop reading.


 I used to mix Bulgarian and English in my old blogs , but from now on , I'm writing only in English. And no , I'm not trying to look "cool" and brag about my "adept" knowledge in English. I'm obliged to write in English since  my grades will be dependant on how well I express myself in English.

 Well, that's enough for the introduction. Welcome!