събота, 12 май 2012 г.

Discipline , sensibility and maturity or which traits most of the young people lack.

  My older cousin came to visit me today. It is formidable how one person can make you so elated and invigorate the hope in your aspirations. Being one of the most assiduous young people I've ever known , he maintains good grades , workouts daily and takes care of his girlfriend. Oh ,  he also spends his summer working as a kitchen assistant in Sozopol (a town by the sea which gets crowded by tourists in the summer , workin there isn't easy).

 Seriously , how can you be such a great sportsperson , meritorious student and a diligent worker? The answer is discipline. This person wakes up early in the morning , does a bodybuilder breakfast (musli + egg whites) and  goes to study at the university. He rarely misses class. After a long , lignering day of mental workout , he does a   hour long physical workout. This happens five days a week. Can you think of any other person in your social milieu who's that disciplined?

  I remember a similar type of person being mentioned in Barron's SAT 2400 book. On one of the pages , in the down left corner of the page , there was a short description about a student - a football star (american football) , who was granted acceptance in an Ivy League University . He was mentioned because he aided the writers on making some of the excersises in the preparation book. And this book isn't just a standart preparation book , it is a book for advanced SAT takers , who aim to enter the best universities in the US.  The excersises are much harder. I won't be surprised if I see his name in some list with prominent people.

 But in order to be that successful , you must be mature enough. For example , my cousin bought a car a few days ago. How does this connect with the whole maturity thing you'd ask? Well , If I  asked my cousin a few years ago " Aren't you going to buy a car?  " , he'd answer me " Are you crazy?! I'm saving money for a 600cc bike!" . Ever since I've known him , he always wanted to have a motorbike. He was obsessed with the idea! He did buy a bike though , but sold it afterwards with the intention to  buy a 1000cc. Instead , he bought a car.

 Clearly NOT the kind of car I expected him to buy.

While I was inspecting his car , I asked him "Have you pushed it to the limit , how does it handle?" and other gearhead-specific questions. He laughed and said " Do you know how I drive this car ? Even the public buses overtake me. But tell you what , it's damn comfy." Comfy. Yeah, right. Since when my addicted-to-speed cousin cares about how comfortable a car is?! Since when "comfy" means "cool"? The bike accelerated much faster and had a higher top speed , not to mention the adrenaline surge you felt when you flew this 2 wheel rocket on the highway. But maturity has kicked in his life. He started to acknowledge his parents fears  of the dangers of the life as a biker.

 Seems like one should wise up  a bit in order to succeed. Of course , my cousin hasn't given up his dreams. He's still saving for  a more  powerful bike , but he spent his money on something sensible. Because he'll need that car  - it has a commodious storage space , 4 seats and is relatively fuel efficient - a perfect car for a college student. Also, the chance of getting himself killed while driving is much lower.

And have you seen what some people at our age do with their cars and bikes? They rice them out , drive them like lunatics (NFS IRL pretty much)  and brag constantly how "fast" their "rides" are.These "subjects"  don't show many signs of intelligence and normal mental activity. And I'm genuinely happy that me and my cousin didn't turn out to be like the them.

  In conclusion : being docile throughout your teenage years can save you money , earn you a lucrative future and basically save your life.