вторник, 5 юни 2012 г.

Contemplations on Marmaris

 After the prom we had the traditional "prom vacation" in  Marmaris. But between Yambol and Marmaris there was a lingering 15 hour trip with a bus. Being stuck in a small place for so long with the only thing to do is talking to others (after a few hours you run out of topics to discuss) and eat isn't very pleasant. But when we eventually  arrived , we knew it was worth it.

  The symbol of Marmaris is a jewel in earth's globe , which very well describes the resort. It's really a rare combination of great climate , flora and landscape hidden between the mountains of Anatolia.

The jewel of Marmaris
                                                             The jewel of Marmaris

 Marmaris is a resort that has a picturesque combination of mountains and sea. The resort itself is in a gulf full with small islands and underwater caves. It's well known by the scuba divers , who often visit the place to explore the underwater beauty of the gulf.

 The whole place is crammed with hotels but in an uniform manner , with all safety precautions included. It's nothing like the reckless construction and mess in Sunny Beach. I must admit that Marmaris is a very clean looking resort , considering there's a 400,000 tourist population circulating constantly. And all that is a product of the turk's diligence . No doubt why Turkey is so much ahead of Bulgaria , these people work hard! Everything was top-notch and exceptional. Turks are also much more hospitable than bulgarians . They're great traders and are always open to negotiation. When they recognize that you're bulgarian , they call you "komshu"(neighbour) . Such flattery sure does earn them a lucrative revenue through the tourist season. There are even cases in which they'll invite you to drink tea with them , like the 2 bulgarian girls I met in a gift shop who were conversing with the shop keeper while drinking tea and smoking hookah.

 Marmaris has a great night life as well.On Bar Street you can enter the street at midnight and get out in the morning. It's a whole street crammed with tens of clubs and bars , full with people who love to party. The prices compared to the bulgarian clubs are pretty high , but there are no entrance fees so you can still get drunk  at a fair price. On the street parallel to bar street is a yach harbour with a statue that looks very terrifying at night , especially when you're drunk:

                                       It's also used to repel drunk people so that they won't dive 
                                                                                       into the sea.Source
  It's also worth mentioning that drivers in marmaris are completely deranged.  No, they won't stop on the zebra crossing nor they'll hesitate to trespass a red light. When I was going back from the disco one night , the bus driver decided to step on it and we were going at 100km/h down main street Marmaris. With a bus. Tourists often joke : "The locals used to ride  camels 30 years ago  , what do you expect?"

 Of course , since I'm a graduate from Yambol's Vocational High School of Economics , I had to deal with the "baiganiovshtina" from some of my schoolmates. Baiganiovshtina is a slang word coming from the name Bai Ganio , who's the protagonist of Aleko Konstantinov's series of satirical feuilletons . 
Bai Ganio characterizes the bulgarian in a foreign country as ignorant , complacent and low. 
Only a scarcity of my class  knew English (although the whole class of 2012 has gone through a 5-year English course) and communication looked and sounded hilarious. Some of the tough guys were about to give one of the animators a beating because they "didn't like some of his manners" and part of my class got completely hammered infront of the faces of the hotel's guests. Even I contributed to the "baiganiovshtina" when I made sandwiches from the  victuals in the morning menu of the restaurant and hid them in my backpack so I could have something to eat on the way back to Bulgaria.

On the whole , I had a great time. I ate so much that I could work out 2 times a day. The hotel's fitness saloon was quite humble , but it still had all the core lifting equipment. Kudos to the guy managing the place , 
he wasn't very muscular but I must admit he's god at arm wrestling. Haven't seen anyone with a better technique so far!

I'd go back to Marmaris anytime if I had the money and the time. I loved its nature , its people and its
hotel service.