вторник, 19 юни 2012 г.

First Impressions

 Oh well , I didn't intend to write blogs and have a summer job simultaneously , but hey , plans rarely work out as intended. I'll keep on writing as оften as possible.

 It's been 6 days since I've started work and everything is  going well. Having previous experience in working (like..literally ..working for your monthly income!) certainly does help adapting to working conditions.

 And since I've mentioned working conditions  , let me write down a short story about my recent experiences: 

 Even though I negotiated for a work as a bartender , I had to start  as a piccolo waiter  . It's an awful job! I had shifts which completely exhausted me mentally and physically.  3 hours intensive work followed by 2-hour break , repeated 3 times daily  - for breakfast , for lunch and eventually for supper. Carrying plates , polishing cutlery and carrying 20 kilogram water tanks brought me intense boredom and pain in the back.

 But , thankfully , it's all over now! I'm a barman! At last! Hallelujah! Unfortunately me and my roomate (who's a life guard) had to move to a room with two other people. I can't really say that I'm impressed with my new room since we're quite crammed and I have to put my belongings on a grocery store stall . Aye , the management decided that wardrobes could be too luxurious for the personnel , so they put god damned grocery store stalls. It's still better than the old room  which had nails on the walls and a few chairs who were put next to each one and formed some kind of chair sofa.

 Apart from that , I find the position as a barman relatively facile . It's often relaxing because you can chat with your clients and that definitely makes time go by faster than carrying dishes and watching people eat. Being a barman also means you work on 8 hour shifts and you've got plenty of  free time to do whatever you wish. And since this is Sunny Beach , there's a lot to do. 

 Being part of the "Sunny Beach Personnel" has it's pros and cons and I'm going to write about them in detail in my next publication. Enough for this one!

I'm off to the disco!